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If you cant except me and my flaws then dont talk to me. If you want to ignore me fine. I have nothing else to say.

I've been busy.

To recap quickly I've hung o/w AWESOME people this weekend such as... Shley, Maria, Anne, Nikki, Lindsey, Travis, Crystal, Nicole, Jona and Carolyn. My weekend was awesome.

My computer is being retarded.

Work was good this weekend. Nicole Jona Crystal and Carolyn were my first friends to visit me at work :)

I work again wed 5:30-10 if u want to visit me.

Thursday is HIM. YES!

maria and i made out work out plan today.

Im a busy child tomorrow.

My feet are soaking right now. It feels nice.

Some people are going to be expirencing their own medicine tomorrow. Its our turn to be shady!

happy bday stevie d!
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