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My senior pictures are going to be beautiful, I cant wait to get them back!!

Tonight was ok. I was really depressed and there were a lot of people at Annes that I didnt want to be around. If Mike wouldn't of called me I dont think I would of left the house. Yeah. Im done with him. Completely and forever. He's 14. I need a man, not a boy. END. And, perferably one who hasnt died their hair to look like Eminem.

I missed Anne, Maria, and Marko so bad. I didnt realize it till I saw them. I miss my Shleynis too. Hardcore.

Saturday Im leaving for Juniata and I wont be back until Late sunday night for Im going to see Mest/hawthorne heghts/ and punchline. yea yeah mutha fucka

Anne is my hero. Why are people going o/w my dog and singing to her at night w/o me knowing? bahahahhahaha.

Im finished w/ 14yr old boys.

I need a boy. for real. My Jack. So I can be Sally. And we'll steal christmas and celebrate halloween. And we can go to the movies. And not watch the movie. And he wont fuck me over for my dog.
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