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Kill me now, or forever hold your peace

I am so sick of feeling like this, its not even funny. I dont even know whats wrong with me. Im having horrible mood swings. One second I HATE YOU AND I WANT YOU TO DIE the next I love you again. And no, its not just directed towards Mike, its everyone even you reading this right now. So, if you happen to catch me in one of those mood swings, I appologize.

I went to Target w/ my rents. I threw up in the parking lot.

I was freaking out hardcore today. My sister has no care in the world but me on the other hand am so fucking messed up and I hate it!! Its so fucking unfair how things are just handed to her on a silver platter! I cant find my wallet. Which means I cant buy cigarettes. Which means I got hardcore freaked out on by my dad today. I just found out about 5 min ago that Emily has it and I NEED to get it back.

Luckily I did get to vote today, and I voted Kerry. FUCKING RIGHT!
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